I joined at the beginning of the year with a goal to lose weight and tone up for my wedding this summer. With the added convenience of being close to home. With massive thanks to Sam I learnt to enjoy exercise and eating well. His extra support with nutrition was what got me over the line. Now I continue past the wedding because I love the group sessions and sustained fitness and strength I get. It’s a friendly and enjoyable way to get and keep fit.
— Kaija

I totally recommend training with Sam. I really enjoy the sessions, which are sociable and good fun. It’s not competitive, which would put me right off. It’s more about competing with yourself and getting fitter and stronger, whatever your starting point. Sam is sensitive and supportive, and the group is also very supportive of each other. Without gushing, I can say that signing up with Sam was a life-changing decision.
— Juliet

Over the years, I have briefly succeeded in getting fit and losing weight, only for it to ultimately pile back on when I got bored / lost interest / self-sabotaged. I’d had enough of this depressing cycle last year and got in touch with Sam’s training group. Group classes were never my thing, always preferring to work out alone - but that all changed when I started with Sam and the girls. 10 months later I am still actively enjoying the classes, working out with others gives me motivation (and good chat!), I have lost - and kept off - over a stone and a half in weight and I am still losing. Friends and family have commented a lot on how much healthier and happier I look (I’ve even been asked if I’ve had cosmetic surgery - cheeky beggars!!). If you are at a point in your life where you really want to make a difference once and for all I would not hesitate to recommend Sam. His style of training is relaxed, always supportive and gives you confidence that you can do it.
— Charlotte

I’ve been seeing Sam twice a week since March in his space off of Forest Road, which is the longest I’ve ever stuck with one exercise regime. Sam keeps things simple in terms of equipment and offers an interesting and varied programme that works the whole body and doesn’t neglect core strength and basic techniques.
Sam is very knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and the human body in general and keeps his knowledge current by regularly attending conferences and studying the latest research.
If you want a friendly, un-shouty fitness experience that encourages you along steadily at the right pace, then I recommend Sam without reservation
— Kieran
Sam is brilliant...his classes are informal,fun and supportive while still managing to be challenging and structured. I’ve been going to his sessions for 18 months... I’ve lost weight, got fit and made friends. It’s been a game changer for me, I couldn’t recommend him more.
— Vicky

I’ve been doing a mixture of groups and Personal Training with Sam for over 18 months - I’ve never stuck at exercise for that long before - and genuinely look forward to the sessions! Despite having a back problem, Sam worked with my medical assessment to design a program to help me build strength and get the most from exercising even during flare ups. Sam is a great PT - there’s no screaming in your face or drill sergeant tactics here - just encouragement and enough pushing to help you achieve your own best level of fitness.
— Mel

A great personal trainer - motivating, knowledgeable and a thoroughly good bloke. Coming at this with various sports or sofa related injuries, Sam raised my base fitness level to the point I can start attacking my fitness goals. This is his best attribute: tuning me up enough before throwing me at my challenges to avoid further injury.
— Mark