Female Only Group Training

All Group Training Clients receive the following:

  • Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 45 minute exercise sessions each week in a small group of no more than 6 people to ensure that you receive individual attention and the safest coaching possible.

  • Time with a qualified nutritionist to help with the things you struggle with. We'll show you how much you should be eating according to your goals and then work with you to make better choices that fit around your lifestyle and personal nutrition preferences. 

  • Monthly accountability from your own coach to help with anything that you are struggling with. We'll help you figure out specific goals and then put steps in place to ensure that you make maximum progress in the quickest but most sustainable way possible.
  • Access to our nutrition seminars every 6 weeks where we cover various nutrition topics and hold Q and A's
  • Become a part of our community and take advantage of our friendly open support network. Train with others who are also going through their own journey or who have come out the other side. We hold group socials every month and have group activities such as climbing club, run club and also have group drinks and dinners.
  • 12 flexible group sessions each week operated via  booking system so you have complete flexibility each week with your training.


In our small group training we'll get you moving better, get you fitter and stronger while introducing you to exercises that you can enjoy in a fun, motivating environment.

We'll show you how to enjoy healthy foods with balance so that you can still enjoy the odd dinner out and drinks with friends. Everything we do is based on real foods, no fad diets, supplements or meal replacements just sustainable nutrition coaching that'll make all the difference.

You'll have accountability from your coach and the community with regular check-ins to make sure you are on track and have access to any help that you may need.

With high level coaching and individual attention our group training is a cost effective solution for those that want individual attention but also be a part of a fantastic supportive community.

Group Training ranges from £99 - £159 per month depending on session frequency.

Sessions run in the evenings Monday - Thursday and Saturday/Sunday mornings.


Over the years, I have briefly succeeded in getting fit and losing weight, only for it to ultimately pile back on when I got bored / lost interest / self-sabotaged. I’d had enough of this depressing cycle last year and got in touch with Sam’s training group. Group classes were never my thing, always preferring to work out alone - but that all changed when I started with Sam and the girls. 10 months later I am still actively enjoying the classes, working out with others gives me motivation (and good chat!), I have lost - and kept off - over a stone and a half in weight and I am still losing. Friends and family have commented a lot on how much healthier and happier I look (I’ve even been asked if I’ve had cosmetic surgery - cheeky beggars!!). If you are at a point in your life where you really want to make a difference once and for all I would not hesitate to recommend Sam. His style of training is relaxed, always supportive and gives you confidence that you can do it.
— Charlotte