Everything that we do has you and your goal in mind.

From Personalised Training, Nutrition and Accountability, you'll have all the support you need to achieve your goals.

At SGF, we're here to motivate, coach, inspire and guide you as well as having our community training alongside you to push you on; to be the difference.

No fads or gimmicks, just sensible, sustainable training and nutrition advice to take you to the next level.


Personal Training

Hour long sessions each week with our expert coaches.


We work to design the right program for you. The one that meets you where you're currently at, addresses your goals and one that you can enjoy, stick to and get you the best results.

If you're a complete beginner or experienced trainer we'll teach you all that you need to progress as safely and quickly as possible in a supportive and encouraging environment.

We'll work with you to design a sustainable nutrition program that you can stick to, one that's unique and takes into account your lifestyle, nutritional likes and dislikes and that's flexible.

We'll help with the things that make all the difference taking a holistic approach to coaching we'll look at all aspects of your lifestyle and help you address those things that may stop you from making progress.


Group Training

Female only small group training


If you love the drive of a bigger group and the support and accountability from other like minded women then try our group training sessions. A maximum of 6 per group you can train up to three times each week in sessions that deliver a mix of mobility/movement work, strength training, cardio/circuits and core training.

Our groups are capped at no more than 6 people so you can expect to receive expert coaching in a safe controlled environment with personal attention.

We'll help get you on track with your nutrition with check ins, nutrition advice and you'll have access to regular seminars on various nutrition topics all included.

There are 12 group sessions throughout the week operated by a flexible booking system. 


Expert Coaching

Access to the best personal trainers and nutritionists

Fully qualified, insured and first aid trained we believe our coaching staff to be among the best in London.

From award nominated coaches that have been featured in print and national media, a coach and nutritionist that has been through his own journey losing 7 stone as well coaches with sporting background in rugby and triathlon, we have a wide range of experience that is equipped to help and deal with any client situation.

With advanced and wide ranging qualifications in fitness, exercise rehabilitation as well as psychology and communication we have access to all the tools we need to help you as an individual and overcome any challenges you may have, may they be physical or mental.